PIZZA OF THE MONTH: Can you guess the name of this pizza?

This month we want to play a little game. Tell us what you think the name of this pizza should be. The first person to get it right and post it on FB gets two of those pies. But don’t wait till you reach the end of the paragraph because someone will probably have already beaten you to the lunch. Get it? OK? Ready? Ever had a pizza with pickles? You’re about to. Lettuce and onions go well with pickles right, so toss those in. Any ideas? No, it’s not a sandwich pizza. What if we throw in American Cheese? That’s right, we didn’t say mozzarella or ricotta, we’re talking about the good old US of American. Since we changed things up with the cheese it seemed like tomato or pesto sauce would be too routine. We care about you guys a lot so we developed a new kind of sauce. Dare we say, it’s a “special” one. Getting warmer? Alright, get ready to press post cause a few million other people are. Usually, we don’t mess around with our crust but we couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like if we sprinkled some sesame seeds on there. Hmmmm, it still feels like something is missing. Maybe a meat topping. Pepperoni? Nope. Sausage? Nah. Hmmm. We thought about Canadian Bacon but if you pair that with American cheese then we’d have to call it the North American. Give up? Beef! All beef patties crumbed up on top of the cheese. It’s a Big Mac! Get it?






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